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Mid Winter 2004 update Our Peonies, Martagon Lilies, and Spiders / Variant Daylilies are STILL under snow.  We just hardly can wait for the daffodils and peonies to bloom. Contact us with any questions at:


Updated 27 May 2001.  AMERICAN HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY  has posted some very important information on daylily rust.  Please click on the icon to the left.
etchedsalm2.jpg (13230 bytes) PEONY ARTICLES  Updated 26 February 2004.  Our local peony group has some great writers.
label3.jpg (16176 bytes) AMERICAN HOSTA SOCIETY   Updated 1 Apr 2001.  A link to the National website.  Sign up now for the national convention in North Carolina.
00DAY019.jpg (21562 bytes) THE DAYLILY PATCH  Updated 26 July 2000. The past year in the seedling patch was very exciting;  variants and spiders abound.
daythroat.jpg (15569 bytes) DAYLILY LIST  Updated 1 Oct 2001.  Our list of daylilies that will be available in 2001.
cythera.jpg (26736 bytes) PEONY LIST  Updated 1 Oct 2001.  Our list of peonies that were available in 2001.
betherickson.jpg (24047 bytes) PEONY PHOTO GALLERY  Updated 03 June 2000.  Some current pictures.
THE BARN  Building a barn in 1999 was an adventure.
landscape3.jpg (28556 bytes) GARDEN SHOTS   Lilies, landscape and other photos.
LINKS  Updated 01 Oct 2001.These include good sources for peonies, etc.
...Coming soon MORE of our favorite links....Also soon cultivar articles.
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