Our Peony List for 2001

Price Variety Photo Description
$20 Burma Ruby   (Glasscock 1951) M. Single, bright red petals around a cluster of unusually reddish anthers, contributes a dusky tone at center. Medium-low height, sturdy bush, excellent in the landscape. Triploid, but useable fertility. Gold Medal 1951.
$25 Cardinalís Robe    (Saunders 1940) EM-M. Single; brilliant scarlet red, color enhanced by the yellow center and excellent substance, our favorite of the Lobata of Perry reds. Medium tall bush, leaf-clothed from top to bottom, has the most durable foliage of the group, a striking addition to the perennial border.
$20 Early Star    
$20 Heidi    
$20 Highlight    
$30 Little Dorritt   EM 28" Small hot pink flowers; very good grower
$20 Lotus Bloom    
$20 Maytime    
$25 Skylark    
$20 Sweet May    
$25 Sylvia Saunders    
$30 White Cap   M 36" Japanese Red with a white pink center; very showy

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