Peony Bouquet peonybouquet.jpg (18541 bytes) Peonies make wonderful cut flowers.

Bu Te

bute.jpg (11950 bytes)

M 40" White with a  yellow staminodium center

Chocolate Soldier

chocsoldier.jpg (23515 bytes)

M 30" Japanese Deep dark red with contrasting center; very different

Etched Salmon

etchedsalm2.jpg (13230 bytes)

EM 48" Coral pink; the best cut flower; double


flame.jpg (24175 bytes)

EM 36" Hot pink; lots of bloom

Garden Peace

gardenpeace.jpg (11018 bytes)

EM 50" White; one of the tallest; single

Little Dorritt

littledorritt2.jpg (18785 bytes)

EM 28" Small hot pink flowers; very good grower


pico.jpg (12560 bytes)

M 38-40" White; tall stiff stems; strong plant

Pink Hawaiian Coral

pkhawcoral1.jpg (13204 bytes)

M 36" Striking raspberry; double

President Lincoln

preslinc2.jpg (21469 bytes)

EM 40" Old rose red; tall; a very good garden plant

Terry Grudem

terrygrudem.jpg (20000 bytes)

EM 40" Japanese Bright red with staminoles a matching color tipped yellow; tall; sturdy; different

White Cap

whitecap.jpg (20004 bytes)

M 36" Japanese Red with a white pink center; very showy

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